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SA Media Productions, founded by Susan Anderson, is a creative studio specialising in tailored digital content for food, beverage, and lifestyle brands. We prioritize delivering results-driven solutions that align perfectly with your vision and objectives.

Our full-service production company sets aside egos, valuing and treating all team members equally, including participants, even if it means sharing a lighthearted joke or two.

Imagine a one-of-a-kind set – it might be hard to envision, but we can assure you it exists. Drawing from extensive experience in various production roles with other companies, SA media has crafted something truly exceptional: a work environment that emphasizes efficiency, preparation, and empathy.

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A little about who we are

With more than two decades of experience in video and stills production, shepherding projects from concept to post-production and delivery is second nature to us. What distinguishes us is our steadfast dedication to pushing creative limits, all while viewing our innate ability to connect with everyone involved in our projects through the lens.

In essence, we believe that our genuine care for our clients, participants, and the crew community ultimately enriches the end result. Furthermore, we provide the flexibility to manage either the production phase or the post-production phase individually – we’ve got all your needs covered!

Offering 25yrs of expertise in various professional stills, commercial photography, and TVC fields.

SA Media Productions brings 25 years of combined experience to the realms of professional stills, commercial photography & videography.

Susan Anderson's enthusiasm for production underscores the importance of personal relationships in our industry. As a production house, we take pride in delivering exceptional services at highly competitive rates. Our client roster includes JBC (Belgium), Avance (Belgium), Takko (Germany), Avon (Poland and UK), GQ (UK – July/September '09), Konen, Tommy Hilfigger (Netherlands), NKD (Germany), Fotolia (Paris), and numerous others.

Our clientele comprises a diverse range of brands and companies, including JBC (Belgium), Avance (Belgium), Takko (Germany), Avon (Poland and the UK), GQ (UK – July/September '09), Konen, Tommy Hilfigger (Netherlands), NKD (Germany), Fotolia (Paris), and numerous others.

SA Media also provides comprehensive travel services, including exclusive travel packages and customized arrangements upon request. We assist with visas, flights, accommodation, travel guides, and access to luxury and tourist destinations in and around Cape Town.

Whether you're interested in activities like abseiling on Table Mountain, shark cage diving, safaris, or wine tasting, we can handle all the arrangements for you. Whatever your preferences, we can make it happen. Explore our Travel page for additional details.

For individuals seeking services beyond Cape Town, we extend our offerings to the Sub-Saharan regions, encompassing Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia, as well as the Indian Ocean islands, including The Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Zanzibar.

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